Why PPC advertising from Illusmart?

100% performance guarantee

We don’t have a single client in the red numbers. You can’t be lost with us. No one is willing to pay for performance-based PPC advertising without a result. If, based on the sample, we find out that PPC advertising does not earn or does not meet it’s goal, we will recommend not to use it!

We will meet your goal

Do you want to increase your profit? Do you want to enter a new market? Do you want to start-up? Do you want to move to the next level and start growing? Your goal is the alpha and omega for us and we focus on it from strategic decisions to the smallest detail.

We will make you money

We have selected for you a sample of our work from more than a hundred satisfied customers. Ensuring year-on-year sales growth by 28% with a turnover of 41, CZK 8 million. Increase return on investment by 326%. Cost reduction to halve PPC advertising and increase conversions by 74.8%.

Do you already have PPC ads and want to find out if you have them set up correctly?

Contact us for a free audit.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC advertising is a paid form of promotion where you pay for each click on your website link. Unlike SEO search engine optimization, setting up PPC campaigns has an immediate effect on performance, which we measure and evaluate from the first second after launch to achieve the desired goal (profit, number of orders, etc.).

Which PPC ad will we choose?

A different mix of marketing channels is appropriate for each business. When deciding which PPC ads to choose, we always consider what the main goal of the project is and why we set up these PPC ads. What do you want to achieve? Increase profit? Entering the market in a defined location? Raising brand awareness? In short, defining what you want, what you need, and what your business goals are are the first step to successfully choosing PPC advertising.

The most common goal of a project is profit. In this case, we set up performance marketing channels to generate it at maximum cost. No entrepreneur will pay for advertising, with us you know exactly how much each crown will earn you. And by that I mean he really earns. We do not have one in our client portfolio that has a defined profit as its main goal and at the same time is not in the green. Such a situation simply cannot occur in our country. Because we measure everything from the first second to the last step of the target user on the website , we always evaluate profitability across marketing channels based on the measured data, and we emphasize the highest-performing ones.

Can’t I really lose?

You can’t in the long run. In the short term, this works by setting up the marketing channel (s) that are appropriate for the environment being analyzed (we always analyze the market using keyword analysis ) and run it in a pilot setup. After collecting the first sample of users, we continuously evaluate each step. At this stage, part of the PPC ad may be unprofitable, but it may not be possible to pay for it in the long term. That is why none of our customers has been in the red numbers for a long time. If this happens in the beginning of the activity and the launched pilot, we are here to not unnecessarily prolong this activity.

What types of PPC ads can we set?

Depending on your focus, we may choose one of these options of PPC advertising . We choose the right mix for each project.

  • Search advertising
  • Advertising on the content network
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Buying
  • Video ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Discovery ads
  • Local campaigns
  • and moreā€¦

What platforms do we use for PPC advertising?

Among other things, it always depends on the destination. If the target group is located in the Czech Republic and we target the location Czechia, then we set up campaigns for Google search (Google Ads) and List (Sklik). The ratio of the occurrence of relevant users is always known in advance from the keyword analysis, and accordingly we will deploy PPC advertising on one or both search engines, if the ratio is 70 to 30, the budget allocated to PPC ads more or less replicates this ratio. We set up PPC advertising on the following platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Sklik
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