What is the first step in creating a keyword analysis?

For us, it is clearly the definition of the goal. What do you want to achieve? Increase profit? Entering the market in a defined location? Raising brand awareness? In short, defining what you want, what you need, and what your business goals are is the first step to a successful project management. We always do a keyword analysis before starting any activity.

What is the outcome of keyword analysis?

  • The main output of the analysis is a specific online marketing strategy to achieve a defined goal.
  • Different online marketing channels are suitable for each field of business and the output is a specific combination of an effective mix of online marketing channels, which are suitable to apply for a given business plan.
  • Another output is knowledge of the market, definition and analysis of competition, which together form a comprehensive picture of the market environment for a given line of business.
  • The keyword analysis describes specific proposals for improving the SEO on-page parameters of the website or their definition, an audit of paid marketing channels or a proposal for their creation and a detailed description of the technical functionality of the website, if it already exists.

Why is keyword analysis important?

The output of keyword analysis is a conceptual strategic plan on how to effectively achieve the goal in the online environment. With keyword analysis, you’ll earn more, be seen more, and do it effectively.

SEO search engine optimization

Each website is indexed by robots, which evaluate SEO parameters with different weights and based on multiple criteria decisions, determine where in the search engine your website will be displayed based on the user’s search query. And since it all starts with a search query, it is necessary to know these keywords, their search usage and according to this keyword analysis we get the basis for key SEO on-page parameters of your website, eg URL, Title, Description, H1-H5 heading, occurrence of keywords in a web content and much more. Search Engine Optimization is based on searching and we optimize the website for relevant keywords and emphasize those with the highest search rate. We don’t favor the keywords we think are appropriate, but the keyword analysis reveals how many potential customers are looking for them.

To set up suitable online marketing channels

When setting up online marketing channels, we know exactly which keywords define our target group of customers and target them according to their search. So, for example, we don’t set up PPC advertising for keywords that have an average monthly search of close to zero, even though they seem relevant to us.

What if I don’t want keyword analysis?

It does not matter. Most of our clients do not need keyword analysis. The important thing is that we have the analysis and we always have it. Everything we do then makes sense and we don’t work with crystal ball. We therefore offer our customers these two options:

  • Option A – our internal analysis of keywords will be created, which is in the form of raw data, no official document is created for you, the data is used just internally to define, set and implement SEO parameters, to position the structure of campaigns and more.
  • Option B – a huge customer document is created, which contains all the data in a clear form and the analysis of keywords is forever available for any further work. We recommend this option to clients who are familiar with SEO and online marketing and who want to have a control and supervision over these activities. This document is transparent and you can implement the outputs by yourself, with us or with the appropriate specialist.
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