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Martin Gross

Webdesign and development

I have been working in the field of IT and marketing for almost 20 years. I made the first website as a young guy, although at the time it was not even clear to me what it could be for. Then I studied information technologies at the Faculty of Business and Economics in Prague and I went through several corporations in sales and marketing roles and gained a lot of experience, which I am successfully using for a couple of years in my own company and thanks to which I know how important it is to approach projects responsibly.

Martina Grossova

Online marketing

I help my clients with the development of their business in the online environment. I focus on the performance and goals of the project. The choice of appropriate online marketing strategy is derived from it. I used to work in a corporate environment on director’s positions, but by nature I am more of an introvert focused on detail and by combining my perfectionism with learned strategic insight, I mainly supply my customers with conceptuality in managing their intention with an emphasis on meeting their business goals which we define together.

How it works?


Online market analysis

First, we do a keyword analysis, where we find out how people search for your industry, which words interests them and how many they are. We also monitor the seasonality of search words on the Internet. For many start-ups, we can often find out in advance, thanks to the analysis, whether there will be interest in the product or service or not.


Definition of website or application goals

After finding out which keywords to use or whether the project makes sense, thanks to the analysis of keywords, we define the project goals together. For common corporate websites, it is contact or enquiry using a form submit, but sometimes we can define other goals, such as increasing brand awareness, etc. Specific are, for example, e-commerce solutions, where the goal is clearly profit by selling products.


Creation of a basic wireframe

After we define the goals, we create an initial design in the form of a basic sketch i.e. wireframe . This is the first proposal of what it will look like from the ergonomics point of view, with the definition where the buttons and other elements will be shown in the website or application etc. It is not necessary to create a wireframe for basic websites, but we always do it for a more complex projects. We create the wireframe using the Axure RP professional tool, so we can share the preview online and tweak it together. You can click on the preview to browse or annotate the entire future website or web app structure.

Sample wireframe of CRM system development

Graphic layout creation

As soon as we finalize the basic sketch or wireframe together, we will produce a detailed visual design view i.e. layout for your project based on it. We do not download any templates, we create everything by ourselves with regard to the project goals and your visual corporate identity. If you are interested, we are able to design everything from a logo, through company colors or the creation of a graphic manual. Of course, we can also work with materials from your graphic designer.

For the design of the website, we will then create a simple web page with an image, where you can look at the layout in detail and tell us whether everything is according to your ideas, or whether you want to use other colors, fonts, images, etc.


Production of a live website or web app

Once we have the agreed layout, we can start programming the project itself. This phase is usually the longest, it varies according to the complexity of the project. The goal is to create a 1:1 project according to the agreed layout and wireframe. In the event that some more demanding modifications occur on an already developed live website or web app, their implementation can mean considerable costs, as more fundamental changes at this stage are already very complex. Therefore, it is important to pay the utmost care to the preparation in the previous stages, when it is easy to incorporate your requirements or changes.


Online marketing

Making a website doesn’t end the project lifecycle. On the contrary, you can have a perfect and well-tuned website, but if no one on the world wide web find you and potential customers do not visit your website, then all work is wasted. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable marketing strategy, take care of the website and promote it in the long run. We always strive to achieve the best positions, whether by using paid or unpaid promotions, depending on the specific situation. We’re completely independent, no one pays us a commission, so we only propose the most effective solutions.

Areas of cooperation

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