Why an Illusmart website?

We’re fast

We are pedants for the terms we promise, we will deliver on a promised date. With us, website creation will not struggle. We are able to deliver the basic website within two weeks of ordering. I want to see it!

Functionality guarantee

We stand behind our code and do only precise solutions. The price includes automatic free fixes for all bugs during the first year of use, unlike most software companies offer.

We will make you money

We provide a complete portfolio of services to ensure success in the online environment. In addition to a quality website, we will help you to make money on the Internet in the form of PPC advertising and SEO optimization of the website for free organic display.

a) Cheap basic website

This is the cheapest option for web design, pages are directly programmed, but cannot be customized, and any content changes must be done by a programmer. This option is suitable for basic business websites in a situation where you know that you won’t edit the text too often in the future, or very little, and you have a limited budget or are running out of time.

We’ll make minor adjustments on request, but if it’s a small modification, it’s a few minutes of work for us, so it’s not expensive. But if you know that you want to change the content frequently, add new products, services, photos, or write news, the content management site is right for you.

b) Content management

Website is available with the WordPress content management system, which is used as the base platform. We don’t use downloaded or purchased templates, we make everything completely on demand for your purposes. The web does not become a conglomerate of downloaded components, which is non-functional, takes an unnecessarily long time to load, unlike many so-called “experts” we can develop all the functions into the system directly.

Each page has a basic template with the ability to edit text, embed a Youtube video, and a photo gallery, optionally displayed at the bottom of the page below the text. If you use short or no text and a large number of photos, you can easily create a separate Photo Gallery page in the content management system without further programming.

Basic structure of a regular website

  • Homepage
  • Services / products
  • About us
  • Contact
  • Conditions for processing personal data
  • Business conditions (necessary in the case of online orders and similar functionalities, it is not mandatory for the basic website, but it is still advisable to add, if you have them written, so it increases the overall credibility)

Advanced corporate website features

Basic website can then be upgraded with a variety of functions that you can think of, below we list typical functionalities, but there are no limits to imagine, we can program basically anything.

  • Reservation system
  • Online orders
  • Payment gateways
  • Blog with news
  • User login
  • Paid membership with automatic expiration
  • Integration into information systems
  • And moreā€¦

GDPR and privacy policy

Each contact, order or other form has a checkbox with a link to the conditions of personal data processing, where the visitor must agree to the conditions before submiting the form, otherwise the message, purchase order or reservation cannot be sent.

If any other data is collected on the site, for example for online marketing purposes, the site must have a “cookie bar” where the visitor must agree to your privacy policy, otherwise we shouldn’t not collect any data. If the button is submitted, all marketing and analytical functions are started and the bar is then automatically hidden. If the visitor changes his mind, he can revoke it on the page with the conditions of personal data processing by pressing the button, which returns the bar and the function to its original state before pressing it, ie the website does not collect any data and the bar is displayed again.

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