Why SEO optimization from Illusmart?

Reach new customers

SEO optimization is based on a detailed analysis, we know the search keywords, we know the specifics of the field. With a conceptual approach, we will increase our reach, increase awareness of your brand and reach new potential customers. Thanks to the analysis we only target the relevant target group. I want to see it!

Outrun the competition

Thanks to the analysis of the online market, we know your competition and we have all the inputs to effectively set up SEO optimization of your website so that we do not give competitors a chance. We can ensure first places in the organic search. I want to see it!

Be seen and save costs

Proper SEO optimization of the website leads to better positions in the organic search, ie for free without paid promotion. With a long-term, strategic and conceptual approach, we managed to secure our customers the first position in organic search.

Want to know how you’re standing in terms of organic search?

Ask for SEO audit for free.

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Activities that lead to the improvement of positions in organic search are called Search Engine Optimization, ie SEO or search engine optimization. There are described factors that affect the position in search engines, we can divide them into parameters that you should have set on your website (so-called SEO on-page parameters) and parameters that affect the position of impressions outside your site (so-called SEO off-page parameters), which include, but are not limited to, linkbuilding, site trust, social networking, and more.

How does SEO search engine optimization work?

Each website is indexed by robots that evaluate SEO parameters with different weights and determine your position in the search engine based on a multiple criteria decisions. Websites are displayed based on a user’s search query. And since it all starts with a search query, you need to know these keywords and their search to avoid, for example, optimizing websites for zero-search words. Then you’d have an optimized website and you’re sure to appear in the top positions in search engines, but unfortunately in keywords that no one is looking for. Therefore, we always have a keyword analysis before we begin our search engine optimization activities to avoid this.

What SEO parameters can I set on my website?

There are many factors that affect search engine rankings, and we’ll describe the key ones you should focus on on your website below. If your SEO parameters are set correctly on your site, search engine rankings in organic search will improve, which means that nothing is paid for impressions (clicks on websites , etc.).

Example of SEO on-page parameters

For SEO search engine optimization , we build on search and optimize web pages on relevant keywords , highlighting the highest searches. Keyword that we think is appropriate, however, Keyword analysis will reveal that no one is looking for it, we try to avoid and we don’t overwhelm the website with it.

  • URLs
  • Title and Description
  • Correct semantics (one H1 heading, then H2, H3 headings)
  • Occurrence and density of keywords in web content (in domain, URLs, titles and captions, in web content, etc.)
  • Uniqueness of content
  • Website architecture
  • Technical functionality of the website
  • Loading speed
  • SSL certification
  • Responsivness of the website
  • Image captions
  • And much more…

Setting these parameters will have a long-term effect on the display result but it will not take effect immediately, however, the correct setting is a prerequisite for long-term site management.

What is the procedure for setting SEO parameters?

To examine the industry’s online environment in detail, we always send a document with recommended recommendations and specific suggestions for search engine optimization first. Since all outputs are based on marketing methodologies for the online environment and some areas of business have their atypical anomalies, it is advisable to consult any peculiarities in the behavior of your customers and take it into account in the interpretation of results. Therefore, a consultation is a part of these documents, and after the final approval, we will only implement the approved recommendations into your website.

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