Website Search Engine Optimization

For a client with a new business plan, we provided a complete analysis for entering the market. We now ensure the profitability of the entire project not only by paid promotion in the form of PPC ads, but also by increasing the reach in organic search.

SEO on-page parameters setting

All website content is based on keyword analysis and based on it we have set the following SEO on-page parameters:

  • Occurrence of relevant keywords across the entire site
  • Setting subpage URL names
  • Title and Description
  • Semantics and H1, H2 and H3 headings
  • Keyword density in web content
  • Stylistic suitability
  • Grammatical and factual accuracy
  • Functionality with emphasis on simple orientation, clarity and impact
  • Striking guidance of the site visitor to the conversion in the form of set call to action buttons
  • Internal web linking
  • Sitemap
  • Web structure and architecture
  • And more

For the client, we provide complete project management in an online environment from the production of websites to the management of online marketing and ensuring the profitability of the entire project.

Due to customer protection, specific values of individual performance indicators are not available.
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