Increase return on investment thanks to PPC advertising

When taking over the project, we defined ROAS (ie return on investment in advertising) as a key performance indicator, and we focused on that when optimizing PPC campaigns.

By optimizing PPC campaigns, where we support the parts with the best performance at the expense of those with lower performance, we increased ROAS from the original 496.57% to 2,101.49%, so performance improved by 326% for this performance indicator, which we defined as key with respect to the field of business (we compare data for equally long periods without the effect of seasonality on the sale of services).

Demonstration of the effect of PPC ad optimization. Due to customer protection, specific values of individual performance indicators are not available.

PPC campaigns for the client are purely performance-oriented, we focus on increasing the profitability of the project, where the key indicator for a given business plan is the return on investment in advertising.

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