Cut costs in half after restructuring PPC ads

We began working with the client by auditing existing PPC campaigns that ran on Google Ads , Click List , and on the social network LinkedIn without a conceptual overview of the project as a whole and the data was not consolidated and compared in an aggregated way. Based on the audit, concrete steps were taken, the implementation of which we managed to halve costs without a negative impact on performance.

What was the specific benefit in the data?

  • Redistributing the budget between Google Ads and Seznam Sklik according to performance has halved costs.
  • Conversions increased by 74.8% In Google Ads, we do not have data for comparison for Seznam Sklik, as no relevant conversions were set before the campaign was taken over, this fatal shortcoming made it impossible to optimize campaigns according to performance.
  • There was a 25.5% decrease in cost-per-click for Google Ads, and a 42.94% decrease for Click List.
By reallocating the budget according to the performance of individual campaigns on the platforms, there was a slight increase in the cost of PPC ads Google Ads and a significant decrease in Seznam Sklik, in the aggregate view there was a reduction of costs by half, the graph above shows output from the Google Ads platform only.

Online marketing is now managed strategically with a view to promotion across all paid marketing channels, we provide aggregated reporting output with precisely measured profitability and a detailed view of the intake of individual parts set PPC ads.

By combining precision in detail in the restructuring of PPC campaigns and strategic oversight, we have ensured profit generation from the first moment after the takeover.

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