Novastone construction materials

This e-shop, like our other online stores, is built on the Shopper platform developed by us. Construction and other fields are specific to the sale not only of piece goods but also by calculating the price according to dimensions or other material parameters. In the Novastone solution, the calculation is calculated by an algorithm according to the selected carpet laying height, the fraction and the type of resin used. Each customer orders the required quantity including accessories such as moldings in stone decor, construction chemicals, etc. In addition to the e-shop, we also created a new logo for the customer and added Complete online marketing support .

E-commerce features

  • Algorithms for calculating the price by laying, including editing the basic values directly in the system
  • Integration into Toptrans and Transport on a pallet
  • Complementary products
  • Promotions and discounts
  • References catalog
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